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Act Three: The Plan

Contributing author: Team Efi Loo

In Act One, we learned what Father Time and his archenemy, Tragedy, did to our little girl who dreamed big dreams, and in Act Two we discovered what led our little girl with big dreams to her epiphany.

With the last scene in Act Two being the epiphany, it’s only logical that Act Three should begin with a plan. For once a person realizes what’s been holding them back from overcoming the obstacles in their way it’s clear that a plan is needed in order to move forward.

So, as the smidgen of dreams that remained inside the grown up little girl began to expand into new horizons and after having defeated Tragedy and overcoming the fear of her alter ego, Death, our little girl with big dreams set out to make those dreams finally become a reality.

Ever since our little girl with big dreams could remember she had always wanted to be a writer. She loved reading and she loved imagining stories inside her head, always starting with the question, what if? Now realizing what Father Time had stolen it was now or never to once and for all finally make that dream come true. So, armed with a plan, she thrust herself into writing course after writing course and book after book written on the subjects of writing and editing. She joined writing groups, writing organizations and, in 2009, she set her compass on becoming published.

In 2010 she had her first short story published and in 2011, she launched her own publishing company. Our little girl with big dreams had become Efi Loo Publishing, Inc., and now, she dreams a new dream: helping others turn their dreams into reality.

Every story’s ending is in Act Three, but on the stage of real life, there are countless opportunities for Act Three to never end until the final curtain call.

Dream big,

Team Efi Loo

We’d love for you to share your thoughts in our comment section below!

Breaking free of fear
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