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A WRITER, A DREAM, AND A MUSE . . . with whiskers 


The story of Efi Loo (pronounced F-E Lou) all started with the keeping of a promise. A promise made on a pregnant blue point Siamese cat. The promise? If she had a black kitten, it would have a home for life. 


Venture with us, if you will, back to February 7, 2003. It was a Friday to be exact, and the world of one writer with a dream was about to change . . .


Having given no thought of having to keep the promise made; after all what are the chances of a purebred Siamese giving birth to a black kitten, our writer with a dream set out that day to fulfill their commitment of accomlishing a good, hard days work.  Arriving to work early, they listened to the voicemail messages on their phone. The first message had been recorded at three o’clock in the morning. The first kitten had been born and it was black. The second message was recorded forty-five minutes later. All the kittens had been born and all four of them were black.


Believing in keeping promises, six weeks later our writer with a dream brought home the three and a half-pound kitten and her name would be Ella Fitzgerald, for the little kitten belted out a song the entire ride home.


Weeks turned into months and months into years. And through those years, Ella Fitzgerald had become Efi Loo and our writer with a dream no longer sat daydreaming of becoming a writer.  Instead, the two of them sat side-by-side turning dreams into reality.  Now, they have a new dream; helping others do the same.  Welcome to Efi Loo Publishing.


Fun Facts About Efi Loo



*Drinking water from a bowl is strictly for her adoptive minion siblings. Only a faucet 

will do for Efi Loo.  


*She insists on wearing her writer's scarf when musing.


*Outside of humans, dogs are her favorite companions.


*Although she doesn't believe in writing stereotypes into every story, she'll make an 

exception for hers, because Halloween is her favorite time of the year!


*If she hadn’t become a feline ghostwriter her second choice for a career would have

been the captain aboard a tuna boat.


*Unlike her minion siblings who mostly sleep all of the day and into the night, she is on

guard at all times ready for action. For the Goddess of Cat Vamps never sleeps!












The Story of Efi Loo

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