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At Efi Loo Publishing we understand that the many hours, days, months and, often times, years an author spends grueling over every syllable, every noun, every verb and, yes, every pesky little comma; all with the hope of one day seeing their passion become a reality, is the driving force behind their every dream.


That's why we take pride in the production process of our publications.  We, too, understand the sacrifices that must be made in order to make dreams come true.


We hope you will visit us again, and that you enjoy exploring our library. 

Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror



When the keeper of Twin Rocks Lighthouse is the first to hear a secret kept hidden by the townspeople, he proves how deadly the forces of Mother Naure can be in, The Keeper.


After discovering a mysterious treehouse deep within the bayou, four friends learn that sometimes scary legends can be true in, The Forbidden Treehouse.


Having traveled ten million light years from earth and landing on the planet dubbed, LBX One Nine, the crew of Deep Space Voyager sets out on an exploration into the strange barren landscape. However, the excitement of their new discovery quickly turns to horror when they find they are not alone in, The Other Side of Here.


These are just a few of the tales featured in Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror.  With each tale being less than 2,000 words, and based on a different theme, you're sure to find a story to satisfy your hunger for something new and different you can read . . . in a flash!

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Back in a Flash! Seven Tales That Scare


When a gambler down on his luck begins to strike it rich, he discovers the hard way that the love of money is the root of all evil in, Dying to Win.


A lonely, vengeful wife comes face to face with the reality that sometimes things are not what they appear to be in, Torn Apart.


After a researcher, and her team, descends 2,000 feet below the earth to gather samples of a rare mineral, she realizes fear of the dark was the least of her worries; and when a drifter arrives in Coal Dust Pines in search of work, will the town’s deadly history once again repeat itself? Find out in, Tales from the Mine-Two Tales in One.


Keeping the Fiction in a Flash! series’ tradition, each tale contained in Back in a Flash! Seven Tales That Scare is less than 2,000 words and based on a different theme. Dare your imagination to be scared . . . in a flash! 

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Includes colorful illustrations and fun activities for everyone!

Shells For Hunter

ISBN-13: 9780692276341


On the night before his first treasure hunt along the Atlantic Ocean, Hunter dreams of where all the perfect seashells that he'll find to place in his treasure box will come from...


When four different seashells from the oceans of the world decide it's time to find a new home, they set out into the unknown in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Clinging to hope, and sometimes a passing sea friend, they each discover the power of believing.


First in the series, Bedtime Stories on the Go!, Shells For Hunter is a delightful story of hope, courage and discovery.


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Amazon Rating

What Did You Just Say?
True Quotes From Real Insurance Adjusters

Chock-full of actual quotes blurted out during the heated debate of an auto insurance settlement, What Did You Just Say? is a handy "how to" guide for anyone in need of the perfect zinger to help them seal a deal or anyone who just plain enjoys a good chuckle.  No names have been used in association with the quotes contained in What Did You Just Say? in order to protect the not so innocent perpetrators!  


Unbelievably funny . . . unbelievably true!


Mr. Jingle


Visiting Granny Bella's home has always been a scary adventure for ten-year old Rebecca Ann Henderson. But when she finds a magical looking doll hidden deep inside a storage unit her fears of the house disappear and she begins a secret friendship with her newfound friend, Mr. Jingle.
Shortly thereafter, Rebecca discovers Mr. Jingle is indeed magical for he talks to her when no one is around. Day after day, Rebecca and Mr. Jingle play and laugh together. Suddenly the small town of Raven Hill is turned upside down when strange and horrifying occurrences begin to happen and Rebecca soon realizes that some things are kept hidden for a reason.
The Secret of the Corner House

ISBN: Pending


The school hallways echo with the final bell of the year and all the kids race out of the classrooms, shouting. "Woohoo, it's summertime!"


With visions of spending the whole summer with her best-friend Sue, eleven-year-old Clara Jeane races home with enthusiasm to begin her first day of summer vacation.  But all her dreams are crushed when she learns she'll be spending her vacation away from home at her grandparent's house in Rivertown, Ohio. A small, creepy town along the Ohio River where her father lies buried... forever.


Soon after arriving, Clara Jeane's fears of the town begin to fade after her Grandmother takes her to the local shelter to adopt a kitten and she introduces her to the new next door neighbor kids, Allie and Toby.  Day after day, Clara Jeane and her new fur-friend, Bailey Biddle, along with Allie and Toby, set off on adventure after adventure to explore the small town.  Discovering there are children who have mysteriously disappeared in the past, an old abandoned high school rumored to be haunted, and a witch who lives in a creepy corner house, Clara Jeane begs to go home.  But when Toby goes missing, Clara Jeane must decide whether to run from her fears or face them in order to save a friend.  


With the help of Allie and Bailey Biddle, Clara Jeane sets out in search of clues to find and rescue Toby.   Only time is running out, because Toby suffers from ashma and his only inhaler sits on the dresser in his room.  

Can you help Clara Jeane put all the clues together in time to save Toby?




When New York interior designer Kitty Holmes is contracted by an English Lord to refurbish his manor, she rushes off to London with high hopes of bursting onto the international scene. With an upscale flat overlooking the River Thames, a devilishly handsome neighbor and the chance to meet a lord, Kitty knows all her dreams are about to come true.


Upon her first meeting with Lord Kingsley, Kitty discovers he has other plans for her besides refurbishing his manor. Unable to afford to go home, Kitty agrees to Lord Kingsley's terms and ventures into the world of high-end art auctions where she discovers her secret past followed her to London.


When Lord Kingsley is found murdered, Kitty becomes Scotland Yard’s prime suspect. With no one to turn to, Kitty sets out on her own in order to prove her innocence and reclaim what little reputation she has left. But when the body count begins to rise, she realizes there's more than her reputation at stake... and it's all been by design!


A dash of romance mixed with a twist of fate...


Patrick the Patriot: Finding George Washington




The first YA novel to join the Efi Loo Publishing family! We are estactic to share this story, by our newest addition to the team, author, Tarra Kortekaas, that ventures into the past, and the future, in order to tell a tale that's never been told before.


Details coming soon!




Paw Prints in the Snow




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