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The Other Side of Here

When a crew of five embarks on a journey ten million light years from earth, they discover nightmares can come true.


A short story by T.K. Millin, The Other Side of Here can only be found in Fiction in a Flash!  Six Tales of Terror.

Behind the Cellar Door

A girl with a secret.  A small town with a hidden past.  Sometimes . . . the truth kills.


A short story by T.K. Millin, Behind the Cellar Door is found exclusively in Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror.

The Keeper 

When the keeper of Twin Rocks Lighthouse is the first to hear a secret kept hidden by the townspeople, he proves how deadly the forces of Mother Nature can be.


A short story by T.K. Millin, The Keeper can be discovered in Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror.

Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror


Have you ever wondered why lighthouses are haunted or what happens behind closed doors in a mortuary?  What if during your childhood summers you discovered a hidden treehouse with a mysterious book, would you have opened it?


With each tale in Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror being less than 2,000 words, your imagination can discover these answers, and more, in a flash!


Back in a Flash! Seven Tales That Scare

Volume II in our Fiction in a Flash! series

Shells For Hunter


When a gambler down on his luck begins to strike it rich, he discovers the hard way that the love of money is the root of all evil in, Dying to Win.

A lonely, vengeful wife comes face to face with the reality that sometimes things are not what they appear to be in, Torn Apart.

In keeping with the tradition  of our Fiction in a Flash! series, each tale contained in Back in a Flash! Seven Tales That Scare is less than 2,000 words and based on a different theme.

Dare your imagination to be scared... in a flash!

On the night before his first treasure hunt along the Atlantic Ocean, Hunter dreams of where all the perfect seashells that he'll find to place in his treasure box will come from...


When four different seashells from the oceans of the world decide it's time to find a new home, they set out into the unknown in hopes of fulfilling their dreams.  Clinging to hope, and sometimes a passing sea friend, they each discover the power of believing.


First in the series, Bedtime Stories on the Go!, Shells For Hunter, is a delightful story of hope, courage and discovery.

Each of these tales, and more, are available for check out in our library.   For your convenience, we have provided you with transportation.  













Patrick the Patriot: Finding George Washington


Mr. Jingle


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